Most Frequently Asked Questions About Completing Personal Information

User ID – what is this and why is this in my profile settings?

We maintain a database of all our members, and user ID is the unique number of your profile. It is used by our support to speed up your profile identification and solve any issues a.s.a.p. By using your user ID when contacting our support manager, you get the fastest feedback. User ID can be found easily by pressing your avatar (visible in the top-right corner on all site pages) and selecting ‘My Settings’. Your personal ID number can be found in your membership details.

How do I add my status?

Your status can be added in the ‘Status’ section of your profile page. Press the ‘Edit’ button on the right, enter your new status and press ‘Save’ to preserve the changes.

Why did you reject my Status?

Our moderators can reject your Status (a short introduction) if it includes:

  • any private or contact information

  • web links to any other sites

  • age inconsistency

  • gender inconsistency

  • offensive language

  • mention of drugs

  • offering escort

  • currency symbols

  • unintelligible text

For how long will you be approving my info?

Don’t worry, it won’t take much. We typically approve your information in 15-20 minutes. Our capable support team works around the clock to make sure you’re ready for new dates a.s.a.p.