FAQ about Using the Mobile Version on TenderMeets.com

Do I need to sign up again to use your site on mobile?

There is no need for signing up again. You are welcome to use the login credentials you enter on the Tendermeets.com website. Creating another account is not required.

Can I upgrade my account using the mobile?

The mobile version of Tendermeets.com comes with a wide choice of membership packages. If you upgrade your account on the site, all benefits of Full Membership will be available to you when you date from the mobile. Also, if you upgrade on the mobile, all related benefits will be there in the web version of the site.

Are all features available on m.Tendermeets.com?

When using the mobile version of our site, you can view your messages at any time you want, send your own messages, start chats, use the search and browse members’ profiles, just as you do on the website.

Can my device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) be used for logging in to m.Tendermeets.com?

Of course. Type in m.Tendermeets.com into the address bar of your mobile browser. When you log in to the mobile version, all the web version features will be available to you on the mobile. Moreover, you can log in to m.Tendermeets.com using the web version credentials or entering your Facebook login credentials so that you don’t have to sign up twice.