Advantages and disadvantages of dating Chinese girls

Some men like blondes, others prefer brunettes and then there are guys that adore oriental or specifically Chinese women. For all those guys out there, keen to date Chinese girls there are several factors that make these gorgeous women so irresistible. With small petite bodies, flawless complexions and beautiful dark eyes they are simply adorable and extremely desirable. While there may be occasional issues and even cultural differences to navigate, the fact is dating a Chinese girl is a very exciting experience. If you are planning to get a Chinese girlfriend there are certain things to be mindful about such as:

Advantages and disadvantages of dating Chinese girls


Work on the relationship: While most western women have a tendency to give up easily in a relationship without trying much to salvage it, contrastingly Chinese women work extra hard in a relationship. They are not about to call it quits easily and will make extra efforts to mend the relationship and continue to maintain a relationship.

Family matters: Again, another major difference between Chinese and western women is that the former value family ties. For a Chinese women family will always be number one and this is part of their cultural heritage. Always expect your Chinese girlfriend to give priority to her family and learn to accept things as they are.

Culinary expertise: While it is not necessary the norm but generally most Chinese girls learn to cook from home. So, if your girlfriend is a foodie and has a passion for cooking you can expect to enjoy a fine variety of Chinese culinary fare on a regular basis. Chinese cuisines are as vast the country itself so you could be in for a treat regularly.

A committed relationship: If you are looking for a casual fling or just to flirt chances are you are on the wrong track. Again, as a norm most Chinese women are into a relationship with long term objectives in mind. So, if you are thinking about a quick roll in the hay and then move on you are in all likelihood mistaken. When in a relationship they generally expect the man to be committed and look forward to marriage.

Loving and caring: When you have a Chinese girlfriend, you will have someone that is extremely caring and loving by nature. Again, this is generally the norm with women from Chinese culture that tend to make very loving and thoughtful partners. As long as you treat her well and keep her happy you can be sure to get showered with love and affection in every way possible.


Not keen to work out: In all probability your girlfriend will not be too keen to hit the gym if you are a fitness fanatic. She would probably prefer to diet and lose weight rather than consider seriously working out in the gym for weight loss.

Money minded: One thing you need to be wary of is finding a Chinese girlfriend that is more interested in your money than you. As a norm quite many Chinese girls consider foreigners to be economically well off and thus make attractive partners. You need to be cautious that you attract the right kind of partner and not someone that is only a gold digger

Follow social norms: Chinese women generally strictly abide by local Chinese norms and social rules. While most of these are applicable to Chinese only not foreign husbands these still need to be kept in mind. From not opting to marry a divorcee to not buying a used automobile, there are plenty of social rules to be followed when you are in a relationship with a Chinese girlfriend.

Learn the language: Once you have made a decision to settle for a Chinese woman as a life partner it becomes mandatory that you attempt to learn the language. Even if you learn to speak only that will suffice because of the innate love all Chinese have for their own language. Plus, since you have a native person as a partner it will become relatively easier to pick up the language.

A direct approach: When you have a Chinese girlfriend, you need to be prepared to be told things directly without beating around the bush. From hearing not so flattering comments about your fashion sense to being told about a certain habit she may not like you need to be ready to be told directly.

Ways to tell if a Chinese girl likes you or not:

She is okay with going on a date: If she accepts your request to go out on a date, it is possible she likes you. From beginning the conversation to paying the bills and behaving like a gentleman these are some of the basics to get right. Since Chinese women are known to be straightforward and she mentions having enjoyed the date, that would be a sincere statement.

Takes extra efforts to look good: If she takes extra efforts to look her best when with you, it is an obvious sign that she is into you.

Showing extra care and concern: Another sign that she likes you is when she shows extra concern about your well-being and comfort. From wearing warm clothes to having her advise you on what to wear if the weather is cold, her obvious concern for you is a clear indicator that she really likes you.

Interested in knowing everything about you: When she shows an interest to know everything about you including personal questions, it is a clear sign that she likes you. If you are not comfortable with some queries you can express your concerns to her.

Tends to get jealous: From asking you about previous dates and female friends she will keep tabs on you. The fact is Chinese women tend to get jealous fairly easily and will exhibit signs of possessiveness, so be prepared to handle such situations.

Interested in having you meet the family: If at any point she shows interest in introducing you to her parents or family; you can be sure she is serious about settling down with you as a partner. In Chinese culture when a girl wants you to meet her family, she wants a permanent relationship.

Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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