Would You Date a Bald Guy?

Would You Date a Bald Guy?

How to Date a Redhead: All You Need to Know

Nobody wishes to go bald at first, but it is nature, just like growing old and your looks start changing. However, there is always some form of confidence and boldness attached to being hairless. If you are considering whether you should date a bald man or not, there are some factors that should be put into consideration. There are more reasons you will enjoy being with a bald man than reasons that will stop you from being with one.

Women's Point of View on Baldness

A lot of ladies have said that they don’t see being bald as a big deal in a man. The hair on a male doesn’t really define who he is. Some women agree it’s not all about the amount of hair on a man but who he really is deep down. They feel baldness is a form of integrity in a man that makes trusting him easier. Rather than paying attention to his baldness, women prefer to pay attention to his sense of humor and other humane behavior. Most women will never judge a guy by the amount of hair on his head because they do not want a relationship with the hair but rather with the man himself.

Tips for Balding Men to Stay Fly

Bald men can sometimes have a hard time securing a date. However, bald-headedness is a result of a natural phenomenon, just like when you start growing old, your face can’t remain the same. You start having wrinkles and some changes start showing. For bald men who would love to stay relevant, below are some nice tips for you;

  • Concentrate on Your Beards: What could have been more masculine than a bald head with beards? It is always a nice combination. If you are bald, focus more on your beards as it helps compensate for lack of hair on the head.
  • Joke About Your Lack of Hair: Above all other qualities that a guy might have, women usually love and admire a man’s personality. You might not be happy with being bald, but you should try and crack a joke or two about it whenever you are with a woman.
  • Always Dress Like it’s Fashion Week: Always make sure that you put on clothes that look perfect on you. So, you should work on upgrading your wardrobe, so you can always look nice.

Do You Know that Women Find Shaved Heads Attractive?

Are you thinking that all the rejections you might have been experiencing are a result of your lack of hair? No, because most women do not focus on a man’s lack of hair, but rather who he is, his attitude, the way he sees things. All these directly and indirectly affects how a woman acts towards the man. Ladies pay more attention to a guy’s personality and character than the hair on his head. So, women like bald guys as long as your characters make up for your lack of hair and you make them feel loved. A man is always handsome and attractive in his dress, attitude, stance, charisma and personality.

Bald Men Dating Website

The truth of the matter is that bald men usually lack confidence when it is time to date, unless their testosterone levels are just over the edge. However, online dating is the best way to deal with this lack of confidence. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of hot women out there who can’t wait to go out with a bald-headed dude. Bald men dating websites connect people of similar minds together and increases your chances of finding a date. A dating website for hairless guys will enable you to find attractive women who are interested in bald males.

Helping Your Balding Partner Stay Attractive

Dealing with a bald-headed man usually requires a bit of patience and understanding, so as to not make him feel sad about his lack of hair. Whether the bald man is your boyfriend or your loving husband; the best way to deal with this is to ensure you make him feel happier about his baldness. If you truly love him regardless of his level of baldness, you should always let him know. Also, if you happen to have an interest in makeovers, you can try to offer him a makeover as well. The point about anything you do is to ensure that he is happy about it and that way he feels attractive again.

Wish to Know Why Women Are Attracted to Bald Men?

A lot of males are very scared when it comes to baldness. No man wishes to be bald, but it might actually not be horrible. Researches have revealed that many females really have an interest in bald dudes, and that's one thing that actually attracts them most. It is very obvious that men naturally start to lose their hair. It's more noticeable for some guys, and they lose their hair and go bald fast, while some people are fortunate to have their hair all their lives. Nevertheless, the hairless head sends certain signals that the women find attractive, which is why it is easier to find a date. However, few of the reasons why women like bald men are;

  • Most of them look fantastic in caps and hats.
  • They look more manly than guys with hair.
  • They are real men, solid and serious.
  • Unlike most of the modern-day men, they are not burdened with hair.
  • They are always full of confidence.

Do Bald Guys Have a Chance?

Being bald is not always a good thing at first. A lot of men when going bald, especially at a very young age usually feel down and lose confidence because they feel that their lack of hair will make them miss out on some things. Some even see it as being incomplete. As they are losing hair every day, so are they losing confidence as well. However, one thing most people do not know is that bald men have many chances as well just like everyone else. What actually determines whether the lady is yours or won't be is your confidence, not your hair. It is your determination that matters, there are lots of handicaps out there who are getting the woman of their dreams. So, why won’t a bald man be able to? Also, there are hundreds of women with a fetish for bald-headed guys. Now, you can see that bald guys really have a chance.


Nobody actually wishes to be bald. However, it is a reality that cannot be escaped by a lot of men. At the first stage, men usually feel unhappy about it. But once they realize it’s no big deal and they take note of a few of the tips above, they tend to live a happy life and even get the woman of their dreams. Dudes without hair make the best partner, so get yourself one now.

Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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