Funny Ways to Greet Someone and Make Them Smile More

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Old Fashioned Ways to Say Hello in Different Countries

Sticking out the tongue in Tibet.

This old greeting came from a very bad king. It started with monks, who would remove their tongue out to signify they came in peace. The greeting still exists.

Bump noses in Yemen, Oman, UAE, Qatar.

It is used to show that your business rival is your peer. Instead of hand-shakes, bring your nose close to for taps and note that sniffing is forbidden here.

Bowing was done by older people in Cambodia, India, Nepal, Thailand, Japan, and Laos.

In bowing, you should know how to do it perfectly.

Fun Ways to Say Hello Effortlessly to Make Them Happy

When you meet someone for the first time after many days, it is common to greet them by simply saying 'hello,' or 'how are you, or 'what's up?" Not that something is wrong with that, only that they are somehow boring. Guys prefer it more when you use fun ways to say hello and when it sounds different. However, you don't have to think too much trying to say hello in a unique way each time you encounter someone. Almost all greetings can turn out funny if you say them in the right manner. Here are some examples you can use to show your partner how hilarious you are;

  • Use accents - Incorporate a funny remote language to your hello.
  • Silly voices – use this mainly when you’re talking to a person you love.
  • Tell a joke – Starting a chat using a joke is ideal for grabbing attention.
  • Impersonate Someone – If you copy how a family member talks, it will make your partner feel great and happy.
  • Use a foreign greeting – Make it classy by imitating how foreigners do and add your sophisticated attitude.

The Funniest and Most Unique Slang Ways to Say Hello

  • “Ayup!”

    Ayup is a questionable form of hello that assumes an urgent matter that should be looked into after finalizing the greetings. It's that type of hello you'll receive from a shopkeeper or bartender, more so if you come from Nottinghamshire. It's a very friendly and quick cuddly bustle.

  • “How Do”

    It’s a greeting that comes from North England and doesn’t require any response though you can provide one if you keep it precise and lovely. No one is interested to know whether or not you're having an awesome day unless they are somehow nosy and you are not discreet. It's more formal and friendlier, and you'd consider using it while visiting royalty.

  • “Wotcha”

    When you're meeting someone on your first date, it's normal to ask them how they are faring. You can start to wish them a good morning immediately and asking them about their health and well-being. If you don't feel formal enough, you can go for other slang terms that have the same meaning. Wotcha is a great, though outdated example, and it's the lower form of 'what cheer?' which questions if you have any form of news, whether good or not to inform. It’s a word that you may not consider using when greeting royal people, and it’s good for greeting friends and family.

Funny and Familiar Hello Greetings to People You Love

At times, every small detail counts and brings a lot of difference, and greeting a person may seem like a little thing but can use to uplift a woman's mood. So, instead of just saying a simple hello or texting a hello in your message, you can use funny hello greetings to greet your loved one so that it makes their day exciting and improve your relationship. Below are some funny hello greetings that you can use to greet your love differently and start a more interesting conversation.

  • Howdy – Howdy means how you do and can use it to bring your greetings crisp and clear. It is one of those words you come across in blogs or websites, and you can use it with your woman to see if they like it.
  • Ciao – This is a classy and cosmopolitan way of saying hello to your wife in style.
  • What’s the craic – We usually use the word 'whatsup' very casually when talking to friends and family. Instead of using whatsup you can use the craic, where craic means news, gossip, or anything fun. The correct pronunciation of craic is crack.

Cute and Funny Ways to Say Hello to Your Crush

You might be wondering how you can start a conversation with your crash. You don't want to say a simple hello or hi, and you don't want to look like a loser or appear unoriginal. You want it to appear cute and funny though you're not the cutest or funniest guy. Below are some cute ways to say hello to your crash without embarrassing yourself;

  • Send a photo: You don't require sending a message. However, text a picture while you are smiling or waving. This is an innovative and cute method to say hello in a text that will also leave your crash with an attractive photo.
  • Videos can work too: Because you can text them your photos, videos are also a good alternative. You can send a video while you are waving or maybe singing a cute melody. Be gorgeous and enjoy the moment too.
  • Start with a joke: Don't bother saying hello; rather, share a joke with them. It is good always to be funny and creative when sending these messages because if you're looking for a serious relationship, your seriousness gets submerged.

Cool Ways to Say Hello to Different People in Your Life

There are some very known, cool, and familiar ways to say hello. You can use them while speaking or writing, voice-mailing, or emailing your loved ones in English. Though they may not seem rude while using them with strangers, they are not so polite as well. Using these greetings with people you’re not familiar with may bring confusion since these greetings are not viewed as suitable in certain settings. You should not use them in formal situations because the other person may think you are taking them for granted when you do that. For example, you can't say "what's happening?" when greeting someone at a funeral or "yo" when greeting a prospective employer during an interview. You can use these words to someone you're dating or friends in a party, class, or exam room. Some of them don't require answers. These are words like;

  • Hey or Hey there.
  • What’s up? Or Sup?
  • How’s it going?
  • What's happening or what's happening?
  • Yo!

Fun Ways to Say Hi- Celebrate World Hello Day

First impressions are crucial, and you cannot afford to be boring, while there are very many fun ways to say hi to a person and create a unique connection. You can celebrate the world celebration day by trying out these new greetings.

Use 'Ahoy' if you want some excitement and get into the adventurous mode. For a friendlier or cosmopolitan experience, you can use 'Ciao' to greet someone. Other ways to say hello to a person are using salutations to show off your spoken vocabulary or say 'greetings,' which is simple, and it means what it says. If you want to show respect, 'Namaste' is the best word and is a peaceful way to greet someone. Do you want to know how they are doing? Say 'How hops it,' which was classy and cool in the 19th-century.

Ways to Say Hey to Someone You’ve Not Met in a While

Other times it's better to repeat the same greeting your partner uses. There are best ways to say hey in a formal setting that depicts that you are curious and agree with them. When it's your first time meeting someone, it is viewed as polite to use these greetings. Consider using some funny hello sayings that you can repeat back to the person greeting you. Words like 'Nice to see you again' or 'nice to see you' are ideal to use when you see a friend or relative you've not been in touch with for a long time.

When you miss someone, you can say 'It's been a while!' or 'Long time no see' to stress it even more.

Interesting Ways to Say Hello to Someone During a Date

If you're looking for interesting ways to say hello in English, you should know how to converse perfectly in it. There are different ways to say hi, but you should know how to answer back or react. The conversation is like the tennis game where you should know how to smash the ball back for the game to continue.

There are many fun ways to say how you are in English, though you may prefer another way to say hi for simple conversations. You may come across someone you know and think of catchy ways to say hello to them while making eye contact to start a conversation with simple greetings.

When meeting someone on a date, you may think of catchy ways to say hello to them to capture their attention and proceed with the conversation. And if you're wondering if another way to say hello to them to make the conversation heaty, you can use words like ‘hey girl,’ ‘what’s going on,’ or ‘how are things going?’ If your date seems more charming and warm, you may consider using funny ways to say hello to warm up to a good answer. You can say ‘whazzup’ or ‘sup’ or even ‘how are you holding up’ if your dating journey has not been pleasant. If you’re thinking about cool ways to say hey, you should consider the person sending the text and the status of your relationship. If you don’t use the right response, you may be giving the other person a wrong impression.

How to Say Hi to Your Girlfriend and Make Her Smile

Your girlfriend expects you to be very free with her. You can choose which song to sing for her, and with some romantic words, you can spoil her by being that cool gentleman. You can send her very cute gestures each day and express your love for her. She will wake up feeling loved if you send her romantic messages that will bring a smile to her face.

Make her happy by using the three magic words – Regardless of the number of times you've said that to her when you text her "I love you," she will adore and treasure it. And if she's unhappy, it will make her smile.

Send her a miss you message – Whenever someone tells you, "I miss you so much," you feel so good. When you send her this kind of message, she will feel appreciated and delighted. It is a good way to express how much you miss her when you’re far from her.

Texting her something like "Thinking of you makes me smile" will make her smile all day long. She'll remain happy the entire day.

Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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