Why Do I Keep Thinking About Someone I Can’t Possibly Have?

Falling in love is a powerful emotion that consumes every fiber of your being. It is an exquisite feeling that many are craving to experience. But what happens when the object of your affection is someone you are not meant to have? What will you do when you can t stop thinking about someone? Psychology would argue that love is all in the mind and you have control over what you feel. But the heart sings a different tune, so what will you follow? For practical reason, you should listen to your brain so you will not get hurt. But if you choose to hear out what your heart is saying, then you run the huge risk of getting hurt since you know that can t stop thinking about someone whom you can never have.

To protect your heart and keep your sanity intact, you need to know how to stop thinking about someone you can't have. Once you let go of your desires on someone, you can live a healthy lifestyle, free from the toxic unwanted feelings of love for the wrong person. In this blog we will talk about the different views of men and women when it comes to defying the heart.

Why Do I Keep Thinking About Someone I Can’t Possibly Have?

How To Stop Thinking About A Guy Who Is In Love With Another

It is indeed heart-wrenching to love a guy who has already fallen for another girl. But you do have your pride so you will never attempt to steal his affection, nor will you profess your love to him. What you can do now is to learn how to stop fantasizing about someone who is not created for you. And even though it is tempting to simply wait for him to notice you and hope beyond hope that you will have him one day, that is a wishful thinking and not likely to happen. You are better off without your feelings and start moving on to someone who pays you attention.

How To Distract Yourself From Thinking About A Guy

The first step in moving on is to distract yourself from thinking about the guy who is creeping into your heart. Thanks to the innovative technology, there are so many things you can do to fill in your free time. And of course, the full force of your friends can certainly do wonders to your lonely heart.

  • Online dating - the best advice that an expert in love can tell you is to join a dating site and meet new people. This is the perfect means to distract yourself from thinking about a guy who does not have you on his mind.
  • Adventures - nothing beats the thrill of adventure in making you forget about someone. Plan your trip with friends and have the best time in the world.
  • Bar hopping - well, this is quite fun. Visiting bars will surely get your mind off that special guy. There are so many guys available so you will definitely get distracted.

As a resourceful girl you do know how to efficiently distract yourself from a guy who belongs to someone else. Just remember not to go so far as to destroy your reputation.

How To Stop Thinking About Someone You Love Who Is Taken

It is easier to tell yourself to stop thinking about him, but it is much harder to comply with that thought. The best course of action is to be honest about the situation with yourself. The sooner you face the facts, the faster it would be for you to get rid of your feelings and move on.

  • Reality check - reality hurts but you must face it. The fact is the one you love is dreamily in love with someone else, and that girl is not you. Stop convincing yourself that they will soon break up. Face facts, and you will start to move on.
  • Face the loss - the pain can be excruciating, but do not avoid it. The sooner you work through your pain, the better for you. Accept the loss and allow yourself to feel it. Once it’s over, you can move on to the next chapter of your life with a smile.
  • Self-love - no one can truly love you more than yourself. Focus your energy on you, and believe that loving someone who does not love you back is bad for your health, as well as your ego.

How To Stop Thinking About Girls Who Are Not Available

Many guys are faced with a dilemma of falling for girls who are taken. So if you start to ask yourself: I can't stop thinking about her, am I in love? Then you are in deep trouble. You do have the option to fight for what you feel, but why would you do such thing when you have flocks of girls to move on to? Let us first examine your feelings.

Reasons Why I Can t Stop Thinking About This Girl

Like many men, you get attracted to girls because of their physical appearance. Looks always come first for men, whether you admit it or not. And once you get to know someone better, then you fall deeper. So why are guys usually thinking about girls?

  • She is beautiful - as mentioned, beauty is the first thing that you notice in a girl. You like her because of her attractiveness, and that is probably why you cannot stop thinking about her.
  • She is unique - every woman is unique. You just happen to see the rarity of this specific girl that is why she fills you waking moment and consumes your thoughts at night.
  • You’re in love - love can bloom from the smallest reason. It could be love at first sight, developing love, or other type of love. Whichever direction your feelings are going, you can feel the emotion take roots in your heart.

Sure & Efficient Ways On How To Get Your Mind Off A Girl

If you are indeed serious on learning tricks on how to get a girl out of your head, then there are effective ways to do so.

  • Stop stalking - yeah, you’ve got to stop stalking her, man. It would not do you any good if you keep checking out her timeline.
  • Look at other girls - there are literally millions of girls in the world. Try online dating and you can immediately snap out of your crazy attraction for a girl who is taken.
  • Date other girls - whether in the virtual scene or in the real world, do yourself a favor and date other girls. Forget about the one who is not available.
  • Work harder - work can definitely distract you from obsessing over someone who can never love you back. So go ahead and put on some overtime.

You need to understand that whatever you feel for one girl, you can easily feel for another. As long as the emotion is fresh and superficial, you still have a good chance of forgetting a girl who claims your mind for the time being.

Love Or Hate: How To Get Rid Of Feelings For Someone

The more you scavenge your brain for the answer to the question “how do I stop thinking about someone”, the more exhaustion you’ll feel. There are many reasons why you cannot get a person out of your head, and the majority of them all is love. But, there is also a chance that what you feel is hate. So which is it?

What Does It Mean If You Can't Stop Thinking About Someone

Why do I think about someone I don t like often? Is that a question that keeps repeating on your mind lately? Well, if that’s the case, then you better find the answer soon before you drive yourself nuts.

  • You are in love - could it be that you’re in love so you cannot stop thinking about that someone whom you practically do not like?
  • You hate the person - is it possible that you hate the person so much, you cannot get the thought out of your head?
  • You’re confused - that individual may have done something that confuses you and no matter what you do, you simply cannot put your finger on what it is.

How To Stop Thinking Too Much About Someone

To live a happy and peaceful life, you need to learn how to stop thinking about someone you hate. Giving in to the urge of letting someone occupy your mind all the time is exhausting, not to mention unhealthy for psyche. So build on your connections instead with the right people, and find a like-minded person to share your heart with.

  • Quality time with family & friends - the full support of your family and friends can lift you from the darkness and liberate you from your pain. Allow your loved ones to help you recover from pining over someone who belongs to another. They are your greatest source of strength.
  • Be easy on yourself - it is quite easy to feel down and be hard on yourself for falling for someone who is not worth it. But give yourself a break. Be kind to yourself. Let go of your mistakes and move on.
  • Stop all communication - if you are truly serious about forgetting a person, then you must cease all communication. Un-follow, unfriend, and even block the other party so you will not be reminded of your feelings again. Once this is done, do not attempt to undo everything when you feel lonely. Hold your ground, alright?
  • Love again - love is a wonderful thing. Never give up on it just because you failed once or twice. In fact, the best way to get over someone is to focus your attention on another human being. So cheer up. You will surely meet someone special very soon, as long as you stay positive.

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Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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