How to Be a Become Good Kisser

It is an excellent feeling that you can give your partner a great kiss and lead them on or follow their tempo. Nobody wants to be a bad kisser or encounter a lousy kisser. It could take you time to learn some technique needed to nail a good kiss. And, you can become a good kisser in a few steps. If you nail your first kiss well, it will lead to a bunch of other kisses. College research carried out in 2007 revealed that women place a great mark point on kissing when they seek out a dating partner. The research also revealed that when a group of people was asked if they ever disliked some, they liked after the first kiss. Fifty-nine percent of 58 men said yes, and 66 percent of 112 women says a bad kisser is a deal-breaker.

How to Be a Good Kisser

Kissing Techniques for Guys

As a guy in our society today, a lot is expected from you, so is a good kiss. No girl wants to kiss a gross or dry kisser. Kissing should be soft and enjoyable, but if you don't know how to give a good one, this is for you. When you are about to kiss a girl, her body language says a lot and can help you decide if she wants a deep kiss or a little, and this is your first step in becoming a good kisser; read the body language. Here are tips on polishing your kissing technique.

Basic Kissing Techniques

Signs you should watch out for or keep in mind when you want to kiss your partner on the lips.

  • Flirt, but don't overdo it: flirting can open doors to kissing your dream, and it can also close it forever. Compliment her shoes, clothes, and hair. Don't go overboard by trying to compliment her ass.
  • Body language tells the perfect time: from her body language, and you should know when she wants you to kiss her. Her eyes and hands will be around you, and you could feel her leaning in close to you. Of course, it would happen after a romantic dating, walk, or deep talk. Don't try to kiss her in public, especially on the first date.
  • Start slowly: a kiss should be soft, and starting slow would make it soft and full of passion. Lean in gently while making eye contact to see her reaction. Kiss her lips slowly and tilt her head slowly.

Making the Kiss a Great One

A great kiss can move you up to the next level in her life, and she will always want to kiss you.

  • Don't forget your hands: using your hands properly and watching her reaction can make the kiss great. Using hands provide security and strengthen the effects of the kiss.
  • Don't Criticize: the worst thing a guy can do to a girl is criticizing her kiss. Kissing is not easy, and if she fails, you can shine by leading her, which would make her cherish the moment.
  • Relax: kissing is not an exercise and doesn't require a lot of energy. Take a deep breath and be calm throughout the kiss. She might have a bad kissing experience or panic that she is going to ruin it. But if you are relaxed, you can easily make her relax and take control of the kiss.

Tips On Becoming a Good Kisser

Kissing is important in love, and it sure can change a lot about any relationship. Our body produces dopamine that makes us crave good kisses. Good kissing is subjective and different people love the different styles of kissing. Some prefer a wet and prolonged kiss, while others would love to play with their tongue when they kiss. Here are tips on being a good kisser;

  • Keep your lips soft and less dry always: applying lip balm will make your lip stay moisturized at all-time but if you can't find any before you lean in for a kiss, water can be of help,
  • Avoid smelly and spicy foods: the last you want is to kiss a person and get that onion or garlic smell and taste. It can be disgusting when you have bad breath caused by excessive coffee and liquor. A fresh breath would boost your confidence to lean for a kiss.
  • Take a mint: kissing opportunity may arise anytime and anywhere, and it might be your crush wanting a kiss from you. A mint sweet or chewing gum would give you the fresh breath you need to land a good kiss. A lemon can substitute a mint sweet.
  • Follow their tempo: A kiss is never good if there is no matching tempo. If your partner takes the lead when they kiss you, you have to follow their lead. Following the lead can make you look like a good kisser even when you are terrible.
  • Lead the way: leading a kiss is not difficult. All you have to do is tilt your head slowly from left to right while your hands can be controlling your partner's head or around his/her waist.
  • Kissing involves more than your lips: your hands, neck, cheeks, waist, and many more parts of your body can make the kiss a memorable one. Take deep breaths and pauses to look into each other's eyes.
  • Involve your erogenous zones: erogenous zones are part of your body, like your neck and earlobes packed with sensitive nerves. And stimulating them with your hands and lips can make the kiss much better.
  • Be honest about the kiss: the only way to improve your kissing technique is to get direct feedback from your partner. It shouldn't hurt you to know how you can improve your kiss.

Ideal Kissing Position

There are many kissing positions out there, and you can improve or come up with a better one. But here is top ten kissing position that every couple is doing;

  • Side by side kiss: this can be done by sitting next to each other on the bed or couch. Tilt your head slightly to face your partner, then lean in for a kiss.
  • Chest to chest kiss: this is the most common and essential style of kissing. When facing each other lean in for a kiss and remember to use your hands on your partner's waist and head.
  • Gentle Hickey: This is soft kissing on the neck, and it helps to put most people in the mood. And it can be a means to lure.
  • Lady-on-Top: as the name implies, the lady lies on the man's chest, and she takes complete control and leads the man with her hands and waist.
  • Tongue kisses: this is a style of kissing that involves only the tongue. You and your partner can touch tongues and leave your lips out of it.
  • Facing spoon kiss: this is done on the bed while cuddling and facing each other, with arms around each other.
  • Spider-man kiss: couples got this style of kissing from the movie Spiderman, and it is pretty similar to "Lady-on-top", except you are both facing the opposite direction.
  • The Gotta have you: this kiss involves a lot of fire, passion, and energy. You lean in fast while grabbing each other tightly.
  • Anywhere but lips kiss: a simple kiss and stimulating on the neck, earlobes, cheeks, and another sensitive part of the body.
  • The single lip kiss: mainly targeting your partner's lower lip with your lips gently and softly kissing can bring good feelings.

Signs You're a Good Kisser

  • You are in sync with your partner: whenever you and your partner are kissing, you are always in matching tempo, and it doesn't matter who is leading. It seems you always match their tempo.
  • You don't kiss the same with different people: everyone you kiss has a different tempo, but you can match their tempo within seconds; this proves you are a good kisser and would likely meet more people that want to kiss you.
  • You don't bite or stab with your teeth: softly biting your partner's lips might be fancy, but not everyone enjoys it, and it makes you change tempo.
  • Expert at breathe control and relaxing: most newbies panic whenever they kiss and forget to breathe, leaving them exposed and embarrassed. Learning to control your breath while kissing would help you relax.

How to Make Someone a Good Kisser

Becoming a good kisser requires you to know how to relax and take a deep breath. A good kisser should be able to match the tempo of his or her partner's lead during a kiss. And if you are leading, you have to be patient with them and direct them when they are spilling away. Kissing is not a complex technique; all you need is to flow and follow each other body movement. Remember always to have a fresh breath and use your hand correctly. You can teach your partner if they are bad at it but don't make them feel bad or embarrassed.

What Defines a Good Kisser?

A good kiss is subjective. Therefore, a good kisser should be able to adapt quickly to their partner's style and desire. A good kisser should always pay attention to his/her breath before leaning in for a kiss. He or she must have the patient when being lead and confident when leading the kiss—ability to kiss and stimulate other erogenous zones of the partner at the perfect time. A good kisser should be able to use his or her hands to make the kiss much better. These define an excellent kisser and what anyone who desires to be a good kisser must learn.

  • Patience: must be patient with his/her partner.
  • Confident: must have the confidence to lead or follow
  • Breath control and calmness: must be calm and relax when kissing, and this will also make the partner peaceful. Taking a deep breath in between kisses is necessary to be a good kisser.
  • Ability to use hands: must know how to move his/her hands around their partner and doing it at the perfect time is a bonus.

Benefits of Good Kissing

Here is a list of health and other benefits that good kisses give:

  • It boosts oxytocin, dopamine, and serotine, which are known as happy hormones
  • It helps bolster the union between you and your spouse
  • It increases your confidence by making you feel self-worth and appreciated
  • It helps cut down on stress and anxiety
  • It helps reduce blood pressure by dilating your blood vessels
  • It helps relieve headaches and cramps.
  • It helps singles check if a partner is compatible
Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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