The Beauty of Hairy Body Women

When you hear a man describe his ideal woman to date you will hear the usual comments about their bust line or bottoms, but rarely do you hear comments about wanting them to be excessively hairy. Well, there is a group of men out there that enjoy a woman with some extra insulation.

And being that the wave of feminism in this world is rising you’re more prone to find a woman that doesn't mind not shaving this month or for the rest of her life. The hair on the body is a natural thing the only reason it is frowned upon when it comes to women is due to social pressures.

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Women and Body Hair

From the time women are young girls they look forward to the day that they are allowed to begin shaving. Once they become of age their parents begin the task of showing them how to carefully shave their underarms, legs, and other regions they see fit.

Also, women have been taught that body hair is for lack of a better word disgusting and unladylike.

Therefore, besides the hair on top of their heads they desire to be hairless.

It wasn't until feminists began to really dive into the whys of shaving that it started to become acceptable for women to stop shaving. What started as a stand against ’the system’ has now become about convenience and preference for women all over the world.

Meeting Hairy Women

Meeting women with excessive hair is no different from meeting a woman in real life with a regular amount of hair. Experts will recommend that you steer clear of fetish websites that promote hairy women because usually these sites have very few members.

Also, attaching the word fetish to an intimate preference can make keeping up a long term relationship difficult. By using a dating app like you are able to access the technology that it uses to create an advanced search for women that meet your criteria and vice versa.

So, before you do an extended search for every fetish or kink website that allows you to connect with hairy women try using a regular and well-known dating application first.

One of the first reasons men enjoy women with long hair is because long hair helps women to appear as a woman. Somewhere in history, someone wrote that women can only be feminine if she has long flowing beautiful hair, which isn't the case.Men also like long hair because it gives them a reason to have a solid and long boys night while she is getting her hair done. If that doesn't make sense to you sit and really think about the length of time it takes to do your hair when you have a lot of it.

Long hair is also liked because you can imagine having a daughter with long hair. And it's absolutely the most adorable thing to imagine is your little ones running around with heads full of hair because they have solid genetics.

There are quite a few reasons why men enjoy women with long hair, but it boils down to the fact that long hair makes a woman appear more feminine. When looking to hook up with women you should try something that increases your chances of getting laid. For instance, it is always better to skip that last drink at the bar, it may be the drink that tips you past the edge of no return and sends you face-first into a toilet.

Don't be sleazy - just be yourself. When you try too hard and begin with the cheesy pickup lines, women may begin to think that you are creepy. Being yourself will get you further than you would expect.

Take the lead because most women enjoy being the submissive in a relationship. And it shows that you have the initiative to go after the things that you really want.

Women Who Don’t Shave

Women don't shave because they don't have to and if you sit down and speak with women that choose not to shave her response may surprise you. Amongst her responses, you will find that she shaves because she feels pressured to shave it's an expectation that has been set on the shoulders of women for centuries.

You may also find that this woman that doesn't shave feels sexy, empowered, and strong when she doesn't shave. Women that choose not to shave feel like they are taking something back and redefining modern women.

And pat of the modern women is that whether she shaves or doesn't shave is completely and entirely her choice.

Why Asian Women Don’t Shave

Asian women don't shave because it has to do with their cultural background. In Asian culture the way the hair is combed, trimmed, and upkeep is a sign of social status, as well as body hair, which is normal to them.

Others believe that the hair you are born with is the equivalent of wealth and you are to take care of it. After a woman becomes married, it is said that she cuts the hair off of her body she will be cutting her husband's life short, therefore she doesn't cut her hair.

Naturally Hairy Women

Some women are hairier because genetically that's how it is. Whether that means a little extra hair on her upper lip, arms, eyebrows, or legs because of her genetic code she will be hairier. And there is absolutely nothing that she can do about it.

If she cuts the hair it will grow back, if she bleaches it eventually will change back to the original color, and hair removal is incredibly expensive. Thicker hair is a trait that is passed down through generations just like thinning hair is a passed down trait.

Hairy Women Fetish or Not

A fetish is something that isn't normally found attractive or referred to as taboo. And most people will tell you that a woman with body hair being found attractive isn't a fetish; that is if you are a man that comes from a different cultural background.

Hairy women are seen as abnormal by more people in the states than people in places such as Asia or India. In fact, in these places, hair is something to be cherished not cut unless you're offering it as a gift to the gods.

There are a lot of things not done in the western world that are normal and a way of life in other places all over the world.

The Wrap Up

Whether you prefer a woman that shaves or doesn't shave understand that the choice to do so is inevitably up to her. And in most places body hair is entirely normal, after all we are born with it./p>

There is nothing wrong with desiring to date women that have more body hair than the average western woman. In fact, women with more body hair may mean more benefits for you!

Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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