Flirty Questions to ask a Girl Online

There are no perfect questions or statements to make to a girl. A girl liking or falling in love depends on personality and key formulas to point you in the right direction. Begin dating the right gal sooner rather than later. The best flirty questions are not lewd. They are naughty approaches to knowing someone better.

Raunchy, sleazy pick-up lines are for losers. Flirty questions draw you closer to proper gals without sounding lewd. After finding a girl online, it is important to engage in a flirty manner to grab and maintain attention. Online girls do not enjoy timewasting. The nicest girls require a creative man. It means not using corny pick-up lines, and anything sleazy is unsolicited.

Apply the cutest flirtiest one-liners for epic dating. Finding the right website boasting relationship advice is important to engage a crush or two properly. Find these femmes online and chat with them using flirty questions and watch them easily enter your inbox. Happy hunting.

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Flirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

If you are in a relationship, ice-breaking is unnecessary. Engaging in conversations is easier, so is flirting. There are also flirty questions that can help make the relationship stronger.

You know me well, what am I thinking about at the moment?

This ice breaker is perfect for all relationship types and stages. Whichever way your girl responds, she will have you in stitches. Querying does not insinuate an instant answer. It opens up room for naughty or serious conversations, depending on dispositions.

Ask how she feels about you as the greatest couple

A cute approach to long-running, or new relationships, the response leaves couples smiling broadly. How highly you think of your relationship is key to maintaining a vibrant vibe. The lady needs reassurance you plan to stay in the relationship for the long term. Posing this question reiterates that your mindset is focusing long-term.

What would make her feel precious food-wise in the bedroom?

This doesn't imply ordering take-away and expecting a smile. Query to know what she needs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in bed. Mentioning all, she might hint on a day when all she does is eat in bed.

What did she think of you the first time you met?

Be prepared to have your bubble burst. The lady may call you a changed nerd or a tamed playboy. The answers should not irk you because you queried. It is important to note possible answers before querying.

How will her parents react to meeting you?

If you haven't met her folks, make the impression you plan to soon. Ask about possible opinions from her father, mother, or siblings regarding the said relationship. These opinions will be future plans. It sounds intimidating; she will love it.

Her wildest fantasies

No matter how new or old your relationship, it is imperative to ask about her wildest fantasy. Query the wildest thing on her mind since her teenage. It could be sex or adventure-related. If she is smitten, she will try to incorporate you into her fantasies.

Where is her dream destination?

She has a dream vacation place or travel destination like everyone else. Find out her ultimate travel destination. It may be within your reach to facilitate that trip. At the very least, you have insight into her wildest fantasies and travel desires.

Desired achievements before God's calling

She must have milestones she hopes to achieve and surpass before leaving this earth. An ambitious woman leaves jaws dropping or makes men weak in their knees, wondering if they can keep up. The perfect woman boasts achievements galore she aims to fulfill, so brace yourself.

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl You Like Over Text

Finding love is great. Making out is better. Finding a crush and meet for a date is intimidating and takes longer. It is also overwhelming. There are cues and teasing questions to ask a girl while texting. Whether you want to get into her panties or are seeking a long-term partner, flirting is key. Read on flirty questions to ask a girl.

Query the meaning of her name

Meanings of names can be cool, weird, or downright horrendous. Either way, she will find it interesting, you asked. She is likely unaware of the meaning of her name, setting the stage for some research and more fun as a couple.

Inquire her biggest turn on in a guy

Her attraction guys might be your weak points or strongest assets. If she likes you, she won't mention anything detrimental to your self-esteem. Ignoring the question implies she is smitten and does not want to hurt you.

How does she like her hugs?

She is a crush or a girl you started chatting up recently. You haven't met or hardly meet, so ask about her ideal hugs. Does she like tight hugs, soft hugs, or quick and short? It is not meant to be a healthy conversation or a productive one. It breaks the ice, opening doors for healthier conversations.

How does a kiss sound right now?

All things kissing are welcomed while texting and on a date. Ask if you can kiss, and if the answer is yes, by all means, do that. It may not be practical to drive in the middle of the night to kiss her, but you have insight into her sense of humor and the possibility of a kiss.

What makes her nervous in front of guys?

Ask your crush what makes her shy, weak in the knees, or behave coyly when around guys. She might not be truthful, being mindful you will meet eventually, but it makes for healthy flirty conversation.

Picture our married life and what it looks like

Asking a crush how she imagines life with you in the future is a huge turn-on. Play it safe and humorous; inquiring it would pan out in her view. If you are not a couple and have a sense of humor, she will keep the conversation going.

Is it okay when you touch her?

If you have met and spent time together, you probably touched her arm or shoulder. Ask how she feels about that. She will let you know if she is uncomfortable, or she will send smiley responses. These are signs to engage more, on and offline.

Anything she wishes she never did

We all have regrets, some darker than others. Asking about regrets from the past is a neutral question. Upon answering your query, she might ask about your regrets. It makes for continuous, healthy conversations leading to fun dates.

How to Ask a Girl About Her Figure

This is a tricky conversation to embark on, and it requires tactic and finesse. If possible, it is advised not to proceed. However, if you insist on asking about the lady's Figure, some pointers come in handy.

  • Over Text, query how she managed to get that fabulous Figure. If she works out, she will say so; otherwise, she may imply it is genetic. All these are great answers. Steer clear of asking if she gets it from her mom.

  • You could attempt to ask about her eating habits and diet. What does she eat that helps her maintain her Figure? She will know you are flirting with her, but asking is always welcomed.

  • You could bring humor into it and tell her to try modeling. Mention a modeling type that would work for her; nothing waif if she is heavy set. Either way, you have to proceed with caution or be cautious for a while to come.

Let's examine three questions to ask a woman to turn her on.

How she manages to look so good

That's corny, said no woman ever when asked about her looks. Querying what a woman does to remain forever beautiful is appreciated. Additionally, finding her during morning hours, before showers, and without makeup is the perfect scenario. Having seen her without makeup, mention how great she looks. It works wonders.

Her career goals

Turning a woman on and keeping her turned on is a secret few are privy to. Basics like career choices make great conversation starters while creating warmth in her. Asking a lady where she plans to be career-wise in five, ten, twenty years is an immediate turn-on. Try it and get back to us with feedback.

How she feels regarding family

This question is not black and white for several reasons, including each person's personality. If she is keen on having kids, this question instantly raises interest in you and said topic. She may dismiss it entirely or proceed to speak on it for the rest of the day or evening. As you seek a long-term partner, flirting questions need tweaking to ensure you are not only discussing sexual matters. Bringing up sensual matters in terms of a lady's Figure is fun, but long-term relationships have different demands. If you seek a lifelong partner, finding connections online is possible, and the above flirting questions are applicable.

Using dating sites like tendermeets opens users up to different men and women. Engaging them requires varying approaches, both men and women. The provocative questions you ask a girl will depend on the relationship you seek. If you seek a wham-bam, thank you ma'am experience, these work perfectly.

However, questions to ask when flirting are contingent on the relationship sought. If you want a one-nighter, don't be overwhelmed finding proper words. If you seek marriage, make ample time perusing the above highlighted flirty questions. They are deal-breakers applied incorrectly but can be ice breakers and help seal the deal if used tactfully.

Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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