How to Casually Ask a Girl Out Over Text

Asking on a date is the first step if you're in love with them and want to transform your relationship into a romantic one. They say, in most cases, the man must ask out the woman. Unfortunately, very few guys know how to do this properly!

Imagine how many men have lost great opportunities because they were too shy to ask their crush out. That's why we prepared this article: to aid you on this important task. By following all the tips and instructions, you'll be able to ask the girl of your dreams out over text.

How to Ask Girl Out Over Text

How to Ask Someone to Be Your Girlfriend Over Text

It is acceptable to ask out girls over text messages. You'd better do it in person, or at least call her. However, if you still don't dare to do it like that, stick to texting her. Your chances of success might be a bit reduced, as she would prefer if you did it face-to-face, but by following all the steps on the guide, hopefully, she'll say yes!

You should pay attention to a lot of things before sending her the text. You must be respectful, pick the right timing, know what tone to use and how to react to her answer, and so on.

Consider Your Relationship Before Asking Her Out Over Text

It is important to remember what kind of a relationship you have with your crush. The context is crucial, as it determines what is acceptable and what's not. If you met the girl on an online dating site, you shouldn't waste much time. Ask her out without any major concern. Make sure you've had some interesting conversations beforehand, and you know each other's intentions pretty well.

On the other hand, your approach should vary. A dating site is an environment where you're both seeking someone to date, and that's why there are no big complications in asking her out. If you know each other from another source, it can be a shocker for her to discover that you feel this way towards her, and the whole process must be reviewed. Imagine you met your crush at the college you both study at. Although many couples are formed at this part of life, you're classmates, who are mainly seeking to study, not date.

In this situation, your approach should be softer and more calculated to dissipate the "shock" that an attitude like this causes. Being nice to her up to a point, do things that might hint that you are in love with her. But be very careful, and don't exaggerate on friendliness. Don't ask her to hang out and grab a snack like you were friends; this will make her change her mind.

Be Straight to the Point and Make Your Intentions Clear

The more straightforward you are, the better your chances of getting a YES. Among the top qualities, confidence is a big player. If you want to maximize your chances, don't beat around the bush or play games, as she'll see such attitudes as childish. Many insecure guys want to befriend the girl and then confess true feelings. This strategy is flawed as you'd be automatically friend-zoning yourself!

Asking her out over text shows her you may be insecure, so you must execute the next steps as perfectly as you can. If you're comfortable with it, be super clear and mention that you want your meeting to be a date. If not, you can still get away with a well-written text, but try to build your confidence up for the future!

A few examples of messages you could use:

"Hey, I was wondering if you'd let me take you out on a date next weekend…"

"Why don't we meet for a couple of drinks next Friday afternoon?"

"Hi, what are your plans for this week? Let's grab a coffee after work if you're free, shall we?"

"Hi, how are you? I've thought we could go out on a date next Sunday, what do you think?"

Use a Funny Asking Out Question to Make Her More Interested

If your relationship is more developed, you could go even further and ask her out with more creative lines. Sense of humor is a great way to spice things up and even make her more relaxed when replying. See, sometimes she can feel a bit of pressure with such an important request. By adding some humor, you take more weight off her shoulders.

Some great examples of lines you could add to your text to make it more fun are:

"Haha, I feel like catching the movies at the mall next Saturday… looking for a sweet and movieholic girl to go with. Know any?"

"Is your dog around later? I'd love to take them for a walk."

"I'm seeking an excuse to get out of my apartment and do something funny. You were the first person I thought about."

How to Ask a Girl for Dinner Over Text

Another interesting idea for a place to go together is a party. Now, invite her with caution, as not every girl will be comfortable going to such an event, especially at the first time you meet. For dating app users, maybe you should consider bringing her to more casual places first, and after your relationship is better evolved, start mentioning parties. However, if she included something like "party girl" in her bio, then it could be the perfect place.

Parties are also suitable if you know each other for some time and you know she enjoys them. At the end of the day, they're a good option to lift up your spirits and have fun. Unlike a traditional date where only the two of you talk and socialize, a party comprises many more people, so your experience won't be so private. But here is a risk. Depending on the type of party, there's even a chance she'll meet another guy and become interested in him before you're able to express your feelings fully.

That would be awful, wouldn't it? Make sure your decision is precisely calculated beforehand. Two examples of texts to ask her to a party are:

"Hey, I found out that there's going to be an interesting party at (name of the venue) this weekend. I know you like partying, so… wanna come with me?"

"Up for some dancing this weekend? There will be a beach party next Friday night, I thought you might enjoy it."

How to Ask Her to Be Your Girlfriend Over Text

After you have already gone on a couple of dates with her, you know it's the moment to ask her to be your girlfriend officially. Now, if you want to do this via text as well, proceed at your own risk, as we don't recommend it. Such an important and emotional question should be asked in person, and doing so over text reduces your success chances.

If you still want to proceed this way, make sure to be as clear as possible and choose the right time. If you have already gone out, she should be expecting you to ask the question:

"You are my number one priority, and I wanted you to be my girlfriend."

"So… are you ready to be my girlfriend?"

"You're the only person I can think of recently, so will you be my lovely girlfriend?"


Asking a girl out over text requires you to analyze many factors before making a rushed decision. It's necessary to understand that not every woman likes to be asked out on a date or even to be your girlfriend over text, but it's still possible to do so.

Make sure you speak directly, express confidence, and keep the conversation timely and relevant. If you got to know her through a dating website, wait a little bit until you reach a point where you know each other well. But if you already know her for some time, it's time to act! Be honest, make her as comfortable as you can, and go for the request.

Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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