Reasons Why Rich Older Women Looking for Young Men

Here are the most common reasons and why they are important. If you’ve spent any time chatting with mature single women or on one of the older women dating sites, you might think about some of them yourself.

It is a simple fact that with age, the birth rate decreases, and the woman’s body goes into a panic mode of survival. For an older woman to have the best chance of reproducing, her sexual drive is overwhelmed. While her libido soars, the libido of men of her age moves towards little blue pills—a young man who is still very sexually active answers this physical need for older women.

Research has shown that, except that older women and younger men are more sexually compatible in libido, younger men want a reliable woman who will be adoring them, and older women are more likely to have a serious type of relationship.

Older Woman Younger Man Relationship

Older Women Dating Younger Men - Business at a Glance

Also, mature women like younger men because young people are still energetic and still enjoy discovering new things. Adult gentlemen are physically unable to compete with the life force of a young man. And such men are set in their own way; they had already discovered everything they wanted to discover and found a normal existence that many adult ladies find excruciatingly boring.

  • Good appearance
  • Unsurprisingly, young people are physically healthier and more attractive than older men. More mature women take care of themselves and look for a man who does the same. Unfortunately, nature is against older men, and carpet on the back and hair in the nose is not what they would like to see.

  • Feeling good
  • A mature woman is romantically involved with a young man is a great stimulus for the ego. She likes that a cute guy who could choose a young girl would rather be with her. Some ladies also enjoy the jealous gazes of older men when they date a young guy and even the disapproving gazes of those who frown at the age difference.

  • In the driver’s seat
  • Control is another reason a woman likes younger men. Since they are older colleagues and have more experience, the woman often takes control of the situation. Whether this is a subconscious decision remains controversial, but young men are more than happy to be “overwhelmed” by their older partner. For many women who may have had bad experiences in the past, this is the perfect solution.

Older Lady Dating Young Guy - This Is a Science

Times have changed a lot, and gone are the days when a woman would sit at home, wash clothes and cook dinner for her successful man. Unfortunately, adults do not always keep up with the times. It seems that young men are not easily intimidated by an older, more successful partner. It’s a much bigger compliment when an impressive, successful woman is with you because she wants to be, not because she should be.

Older women have either made a conscious decision not to marry or have already taken this path. They are in no hurry to put the ring on their finger or calm down. Younger guys are also less likely to seek this kind of serious commitment too early. The fact that they don’t get too much pressure is another reason older women like younger men.

Another reason women love young men is that they are busy “teaching” young people how the world works. Let’s face it; they have had many years of life experience, and they inevitably have certain skills that young people do not have. Young men also don’t complain, especially when it comes to learning in the bedroom.

Many women meet with young men and say they never intended to take this path; they never actively sought this big age gap and just naturally gravitated towards them because of their personality. Well, we don’t know how true this is - lightning doesn’t strike twice. If you continue to date young men, you are looking for certain characteristics that only they have, which may entail all of the above. There are many theories, but these are the best, generally accepted by all parties involved. We hope you’ve got some insight into what kind of men women like and why older women prefer younger guys.

Why Older Women Like Younger Men?

In most cases, the question of why adults like women are not too urgent for young men. Sympathy for the opposite sex of any age can be purely visual and embrace many people. Problems arise when platonic passion goes into direct contact. But here, young lovers should think about whether such a relationship will lead to a radical change in their life, moreover, not for the better. Why is this happening? And when is it born?

  • Child period
  • The System of the behavior of adults is laid down in deep childhood, literally from the moment of birth.

  • Genetic heritage
  • Modern scientists argue that even more serious deviations from standard biological norms are inherent in a person, even in the womb—dissatisfaction with one’s own gender, homosexual attraction, frigidity. Therefore, no one will forbid to classify other less significant oddities as hereditary traits. Perhaps the age preferences of the ancestors crossed as the genus multiplied and were given to the descendants in one form or another.

  • Family education costs
  • Smart boys are most likely to sympathize with adult women. In their minds from childhood, an image of an object of love is formed, based on what they read, seen, and assimilated. Usually, this is an older lady, the heroine of literary works. Such adolescents have a weak interest in peers of the opposite sex, which do not correspond to their idea of the object of love. Late marriage is common for them. This is the moment when the idea of a woman, inherent in their subconsciousness, becomes the norm in an everyday environment when girls of the same age turn into those very ladies.

  • Ladies teachers
  • School is the second after the family unit of society, which has a huge impact on adolescents. If a boy fell in love with a teacher, then in his later life, the answer to why he likes adult women is absolutely clear. It is not uncommon for such couples to marry. The most shocked are the parents of the learned groom, but such bonds are very strong. Even if he does and the guy finishes school safely, he will always not mind getting to a lesson with a woman who personifies his ideal teacher.

  • Influence of mother’s appearance
  • Boys who have beautiful feminine mothers grow up hostages of this image. They instinctively, throughout their lives, are drawn to their ideal. However, the appearance of the mother can play an influential role in opposite impressions. If a mother looks too young, too thin, or overweight, her son may have an intense desire to find his ideal Aphrodite. The habit of daily maternal care also plays a significant role. Finding the same caring nanny is sometimes the main goal in relationships with the opposite sex.

  • Outcasts of your environment
  • During the school period, another type of young man develops, preferring adult women. These are guys who, for whatever reason, are not perceived properly by girls of the same age. The contempt of classmates pushes individuals deprived of attention into the hands of those women who treat them adequately. Although, they are often the same individuals deprived of worthy attention of society.

  • Family refugees
  • Why a man is attracted to a woman of mature age, these men know for sure. A young spouse, in whose family there are constant troubles, finds comfort in the arms of older experienced, tolerant, understanding friends. Here he becomes indispensable in economic affairs. An intelligent advisor on all matters. A handsome man with a perfect character. And, of course, a lover on the level of Casanova. The attraction of individuals of different ages to each other on a sexual basis is still an abnormal phenomenon for society. Although according to statistics for the past ten years in Russia, marriage between peers is only 28%. The rest of the unions are unequal in an age in one direction or another. The gap in years often exceeds 20 years.

And yet, people prone to such passion should think about their behavior. The main argument in this matter is time because with its course people come to the finish line of their respective years. Will everyone can adequately perceive the violation of the harmony of ages at the last stage of life.

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Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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