Can A Long Distance Relationship Really Work For Real?

Decades ago, a long distance relationship is not a norm but rather a consequence of a change of job, relocation, and other reasons. But now, due to the advancement of technology, online dating is a popular means of building connections among singles all over the world. And so without meeting someone in person, it is easier to fall in love with a like-minded individual through virtual talks and sharing of personal stories. But the timeless question remains the same: can a long distance relationship really work?

How Do Long Distance Relationships Work

Best Long Distance Relationship Advice From The Experts

A serious relationship can be achieved regardless of the proximity or distance of the couples. The success of every relationship depends on how healthy the partnership is, and how each partner treats the relationship. So how can you have a long distance relationship and make it work? The answer is simple. Communication.

Learn How To Communicate In A Long Distance Relationship

In a relationship that is bound by long distance, communication is the ultimate key to the success of the affair. By talking to each other every day, you continue to stay close to one another despite the distance. And so if you are committed to make your bond stronger and your love deeper, you both must learn how to properly communicate.

  • Daily contact - work around the time difference and always find ways to video call each other in a daily basis. Talk about essential things so you are both updated on the other’s life. Or you can simply be silly in love and have fun in your talks.
  • Spontaneity - do not stick too much on your schedule on when to call. In the long run, the communication gets boring and turns into a routine if that’s the case. Instead, vary your call time and be spontaneous on your talks. Do not stick to a script. Rather, have a smooth conversation.
  • Honesty - because of your distance, there is a tendency that many things happen in your lives without the other knowing about them. After all, it is quite hard to relay everything that happens to a partner who is miles away. But in order to keep your relationship strong, you must always be honest to each other.

Long Distance Relationship Help Guide For Lovers

A long distance relationship without communication is bound to fail. Experts in LDR clearly state that for lovers to succeed in the partnership, they must never stop talking to each other. Geography tears you apart, but love must be enough to keep your commitment strong.

  • Endless communication - connect with your special someone all the time, but of course pay respect to boundaries. It is in constant communication that you keep motivating each other to stay strong.
  • Be there - even if you are not physically together, make it a point to be there for your partner in dark times. Give comfort when needed, and inspire the other to keep on fighting.
  • Understanding - doubts can easily arise when distance is an issue. But if you both try to understand each other and not listen to gossips, then your relationship has higher hopes of succeeding.
  • Patience - your work schedule is different so it is a musts to have patience. Adapt to the other’s life, and stretch your patience to resolve any distance issue.

So can long distance work? Of course it can. You just need to trust in your partner, and vice versa. In fact, LDRs are common nowadays thanks to virtual dating. Distance is no longer a huge problem, but rather a promise of valuable time when you do come together. Experts even said that distance is a means to make a relationship grow.

Does Distance Help A Relationship Grow? How To Handle LDR?

Thanks to the help of technology, it is now easier for lovers to deal with a long distance relationship. There is no question to the challenges that this connection faces, but truth be told, distance is actually good for couples. And so you ask why distance is good in a relationship? Well, there are many reasons for that. What you need to understand is distance is only an obstacle if you let it. But if you know how to handle it, then your love life flourishes.

Why Long Distance Relationships Are Good For Couples

If you have been plagued by the issue: can a long distance relationship work, then rest assured that the answer is a huge yes. In fact, distance brings a lot of benefits to men and women.

  • Individual growth - many couples who are together daily tends to have synchrony of traits. There is nothing wrong with that, but the individuality is lost. And in an LDR scenario, you both have room to grow individually while loving each other.
  • Stronger emotional connection - because of the physical distance, dating is hard. But thanks to the difference in miles, you both try harder to make your emotional bond stronger.
  • Test of love - true love does not appear like magic nor does it survive without being tested. With distance, your love is greatly challenged. If you can pass all the tests then you are certain that your partner is for keeps.
  • Precious moments - sometimes, couples who are not away from each other tend to undervalue the time they have. But in an LDR status, you learn to appreciate the precious moments because they don’t happen often.
  • Meaningful talks - talking on the phone is valuable when you are miles apart. In fact, the conversations you have online are much better compared to sitting down with someone but are doing different things.

How To Handle Long Distance Relationship Wisely

Handling long distance relationship is not easy but it is not impossible either. The road is full of obstacles, but there is beauty in your journey. And even though the challenges are overwhelming at times, the rewards are worth all the trouble. So if you are wondering how to properly handle an LDR, there are four factors that you need to learn by heart.

  • Trust - truth be told, there will always be people who are jealous of your love life. They would try to dissuade you and cause you pain. But you must not let them win. Trust in your partner and always listen to each other.
  • Support - even from afar, LDR couples must support one another. Distance makes it possible to live different lives, but support can be given in order to live a more comfortable and happy existence.
  • Positivity - do not allow negative thoughts to cloud your mind, especially when you rarely see the love of your life in person. Stay positive at all times, and when you start to feel doubt creep into your mind, talk to your lover immediately. Clear the air, and never let uncertainty settle in your heart for long.
  • Respect - you met your partner when you are an adult already. Needless to say you survived years of existence without the other, so learn to respect each other’s decisions. But of course, feel free to give suggestions or opinions especially on things that affects your relationship. But then again, show and give respect.

Common Long Distance Relationship Issues That Lovers Face

It is quite common to ponder: will my long distance relationship last? You certainly have the right to ask these types of questions. However, if you obsess with the issues of LDR, then you cannot truly see the beauty of your affair. You need to move past the challenges of a long distance relationship so you can concentrate on making your connection more powerful.

How Long Do Long Distance Relationships Last With Challenges

No long distance relationship exists without challenges. In fact, issues are expected to arise in this type of affair, mainly because of geography. And for couples to survive the tests of time, they need to acknowledge the challenges and face them head on.

  • Financial strain - in an LDR status, one or both of you try to bridge the gap by flying in to see the other once in a while. And in the long run, the expense of traveling just to be together can cause a financial strain.
  • High expectations - because you are not always together, the expectations when you do meet up in person are quite high. Sometimes, reality is different from the fantasy world you created so disappointments are lurking in the shadows.
  • Physical distance - the greatest issue in a long distance affair is the physical distance. This is mostly the cause for infidelity, so if you want the relationship to work, find ways to overcome this challenge.

How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

Like all other LDR couples in the world, you are surely wondering how do long distance relationships last. Well, they do, actually. With hard work, perseverance, and strong bond. It is not enough to wish for a successful affair. You both need to make an effort to strengthen your love in many ways.

  • Continuous learning - never stop learning new things about each other. Do not let distance drive a wedge on your connection. Instead, make each talking moment count by discovering interesting facts about your lover.
  • Discuss everything - one of the biggest mistakes of LDR couples is not talking about things that are upsetting. They believe that their stories must be filled with good all the time so they eliminate anything that could upset the other. However, doing so cushioned the relationship and makes it fragile. For an affair to work, both partners must be free to talk about anything.
  • Appreciation - no matter how far your distance is, never fail to give small compliments to each other. Couples must always show appreciation to one another so the love is alive in your hearts. Sweet words of love can be in a form of a text or chat, or even a short phone call will do.

Without a doubt, long distance relationships are hard. The distance can easily put a strain on the bond, and the temptations are overwhelming. But amidst all the trials and issues in this type of affair, the rewards are great, and the fun never stops. So what are you waiting for? Create an online profile for free at TenderMeets today, and find singles to chat with!

Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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