Best Pick Up Lines for Women

New, creative, flirty pick-up lines for meeting women and making new intimate connections are used in every location globally on a daily basis. As such, it's crucially important you brush up on your pick up lines, delivery, and implementation of the best pick up lines for women so you can maximize your day in the pool with people you meet both online and out on chance encounters.

So, we've decided to draft in the dating experts to weigh in and bring some clarity to what's required to pick up women you find attractive, without the heartache, ego, and rejections that are commonly experienced.

The best pick up lines are captivating, straight to the point, and simple to understand, so let's dive in and discover the best funny pick up lines to use today!


Pick Up Lines for Short Girls

"Although you're only short, you caught all my attention from across the room." – A pick-up line of the highest order making her feel special, attractive, and the center of attention. Implementing this chat up line on your next introduction is a quick way to securing a date!

"I've never been with a short girl before. Maybe you could teach me what to do a little." – Fantastic. This pick up line allows her to take the lead, directing conversation any way she sees fit. If she's attracted to you, expect a flirty reply, "right back at ya."

"Of all the women in here, you've singlehandedly stole the show." – Making her feel valued, important, and a high value catch all increase your likelihood she wants to engage physically.

Hitting The Heights When Dating Short Girls

While all women differ in their needs, wants, and desires in a male partner, most short women share common values that are required when looking for new potential dates. Being seen as a strong, independent, selfish leader is a fantastic way to grab the attention of short women you meet. Due to the small stature, these women look for men they see as protectors. This is usually done by maternal instinct primarily, but with a heap of other psychological factors contributing too.

How to Be More Attractive to Short Women

  • Pay Attention to The Physicals – While looking the part is always of primary importance when searching for new dates, short women especially pay attention to how a man looks, acts, and behaves.

  • Make the First Move – Short women love guys who have the confidence to face rejection straight in the face. Make an introduction first, and have an interview at noon it's a surefire way for her to become interested in you.

  • Don't Be Afraid of Rejection – Being rejected is part and parcel of everyone's dating experience, but this should never impact your ability to reach out to prospective partners. Remember, if you don't shoot, you cannot ever score. The worst that can happen is she says no!

Best Flirty Pick Up Lines You Can Use Today

While some pick up lines are fathomed with short girls in mind exclusively, here are fantastic flirty pick up lines that can work on women of all shapes and sizes.

"I'm going to complain to Apple Music, you should be this month's hottest single!"

"You want me to describe you as a vegetable? Ok, you'd be a cute-cumber. No? Okay, red hot chilli pepper then."

"Have you been to the doctors recently? It's clear you've got a huge vitamin me deficiency."

"You're like my phone charger; without keeping you in my life, I'd be lost."

"Hello, it's lovely to meet you. I'm the Mr. Right you've been searching for."

"If you're beautiful and I'm cute, together we'd be known as beautifully cute."

"So, when our families ask how we first met, what shall we tell them?"

"It seems I have misplaced my phone number. Would you give me yours instead?"

"Is it warm in here, or is it because I'm so close to someone so hot?"

"Are you a religious person? I've been praying recently, and you're the answer"

"Sorry, did you try talk to me just now? No? Well, you are now! My name is …, it's lovely to meet you."

The Best Ways to Chat and Communicate with Women

Knowing the best pick up lines to say and the best ways to deliver them effectively are the primary keys to eternal dating success when chatting with new prospective partners. In dating, first impressions count more so than most other aspects of life, so ensuring accurate and correct delivery in the right manner when chatting is an essentially important aspect of successful dating endeavors, especially with women.

Confident, not cocky!

There's a quite fine line between confidence and arrogance, and women easily pick up on the signs of an arrogant man. Arrogance is one of the leading causes of turning women off when looking for guys, so mastering the art of been confident about being cocky is sure to increase your overall dating success. To achieve this, you must be seen as approachable by prospective partners.

People who think too much of themselves are a huge turnoff when they fall into the gaze of someone new who is deciding the chances they have. If you're perceived as arrogant, think you're the best, and everyone else should be your subordinate, this is sure to make your dating life harder. Oppositely, being seen as open, friendly, and a warm character are proven to improve your effectiveness when dating.

Be Direct

After making your introduction, ensure you're as direct as possible, get straight to the point and communicate your desires effectively. Showing your partner you're interested from the get-go, rather than delaying improves your chances of hitting things off.

Eye Contact

When engaging in conversation with someone new, particularly for the first time, when dropping your expert pick-up line, it's important to maintain strong eye contact that enables sexual tension to begin building between the pair of you. The perfect pick up line is not complete without eye contact, and mastering this skill is a great way to improve your effectiveness when flirting.

Where to Try and Pick Up Women

Bars – For the best part of centuries, singles have hit the town and local bars to sample great taste in alcohol that washes away their inhibitions and makes chatting to potential partners much more smooth. So, following the age-old traditions and heading out to your local bars in search of new dating suitors is strongly recommended if being lonely has become tiresome.

Unlike bars, nightclubs are a haven for flirting, passionate kissing, and discovering partners for the evening. As the night draws on, people are far more likely to enter into an intimate connection, be whether for an evening or sometimes longer. Nevertheless, like-minded singles can easily be discovered a trip to a popular nightclub!

Online Dating Sites – Seemingly always increasing in overall popularity, online dating sites are now the primary way singles and meet new partners. Absolutely brimming with potential partners, it is easy to meet someone who shares your hobbies, interests and life goals using online dating sites. Online dating site affordability to check out someone's profile, assess compatibility and make an awkwardness-free introduction.

Best Pick Up Lines of All Time

Here is a list of the best gen z pick up lines of all time, feel free to use them to maximize your opportunities to stand out to new younger partners!

"Hello, I'm here now! The genie asks, "what are your other two wishes?"

"Hi, my name is Nintendo 64. Can I crash and go to sleep at your place tonight?"

"Call me a psychic medium, I can see us being happy together, forever."

"Do you call yourself a bank loan? Because you're providing me with the only interest I need."

"My heart has always been locked, and it seems you have the key."

"Something must be wrong with my eyes, and I cannot switch my gaze away from you."

"Apart from looking a million dollars, what do you do in your spare time?"

"Do you believe in discovering true love at first sight, or should I introduce myself again?"

"If you were writing a text on a page, then you'd be the small print."

"My phone seems to be broken – your number isn't within."

"Did you get your license revoked? You're driving me crazy!"

"Did you grow up as a farmer? You certainly know how to make a cock grow!"

Different Approaches = Different Results

The way you approach someone new drastically impact your chances of hitting things off, irrespective of whether you know it or not. You must carry yourself and communicate your words clearly and effectively if you want to remain in the visions of that sexy single you've met when tomorrow morning comes.

Particularly on online dating sites and in clubs and bars, the wealth of people vying for the attentions of the most attractive people is staggeringly fierce, not being on the top of your game or not knowing the ways to introduce yourself is a quick way to failure.

A Flawless Approach

A well-worked planned introduction, coupled with practically implementable pick-up lines, leads to a rewarding, successful overall dating experience filled with fun, excitement and romantic times for the days and weeks to follow. Although your feel on top of the world after successfully picking someone up, the possibilities to where things can go are endless.

Now that you've brushed up on the best pick up lines to introduce yourself to those beautiful women you meet in all manner of social situations, do that online or face-to-face, you now have all the tools and information you need to make your dating life successful. Why waste a moment longer when you could try out your newly learned skills and connect with like-minded people easily? After all, you won't be spending another evening alone now you know how to connect with prospective partners.

Have you found these flirty pick up lines and information relevant? If so, then visit our website now and find more great free dating articles and expert advice from your preferred device, 24/7!

Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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