Long Term Relationship Goals – Tips to Healthy Goals

Having found someone to spend the rest of your life with, it is crucial to set aside long-term objectives to keep your relationship alive. These relationship goals might have financial and social implications. Still, they are important in cementing you as a couple for the long run. Most online dating websites provide dating advice, communication tips, and how-to guides on safety matters.

Few sites take time to engage members after that. Upon meeting your soulmate online, you met for your first date. It has been months now, and the fire is burning hotter than ever. However, you or your spouse feels it is time to step it up a notch. However, neither knows how to proceed. There are a few nifty ideas on setting short, and long-term relationship goals.

Additionally, it is important to set realistic goals for both partners while involving your spouse or partner in all decisions. Good relationship goals may not be easily achievable, but they are necessary for building good, long-lasting relationships.

Relationship Tips Goals

Short Term Relationship Goals Examples

Building a sound relationship does not require much work, but it needs understanding from both parties. Upon finding an ideal mate, relationship goals are crucial to sustaining healthy and lasting unions. However, beginning with short-term goals is equally important.

Maintain good health

It is interesting to note some people lose sight of their hard work trying to stay fit before meeting their soulmate. Being in a relationship should inspire you to remain fit, getting fitter. There is a good chance your partner was attracted to personality traits and physical attributes. Be mindful as you indulge in junk food.

Develop and maintain a sense of humor

Every relationship undergoes trying times, and often, partners need to make fun of dark times. Maintaining good humor is important in the early stages of a relationship as you start to know each other. It is important when your partner, or spouse, makes mistakes or says hurtful things. Being tough is detrimental to a relationship at the beginning.

Financial planning

Meeting an inspiring person is great, and dating them even better. When you decide to live together, setting financial goals is important, and you do not need to be a finance guru. Simply set budgetary requirements, business strategies, and financial investments viable as a couple. Financial burdens and strains cause breakups often. Therefore, working on financial goals is important.

Spiritual growth

This may sound like a long-term goal, but growing spiritually together is important, especially short-term. The relationship is in the early stages, and it needs help from all angles, including divine and religious approaches. Here, spirituality and religion can be combined. If parties are not religious, build on spirituality to create a firm, lasting foundation.

Build interest in interests

What does this mean? Whatever your partner likes may not be your forte, but it is important to begin showing interest. Perhaps she loves the gym, go together. Maybe your Girlfriend loves documentaries, not action flicks. Begin watching documentaries, with or without her around. It shows interest and support. It prevents frustrations later in the relationship.

Quality time

When she needs to rest and relax, make time to be together. Both of you can rest and recuperate as one, instead of lying down while one goes shopping. Rest and recovery are part of quality time, and making time to rest together makes room for superb bonding.

Remain curious

Some relationships grow old quickly as couples grow bored of each other almost overnight. Keeping a sense of wonder is important for partners to avoid getting bored. This boredom leads to stale relationships very quickly, so keep the curiosity burning.

Friends and family

Do not wait to meet family when the relationship seems to head long-term. It may be the reason for an impending breakup. Take time to meet friends of your friend as soon as possible, immediately if possible and often. It is important to know who your partner spent time with in the past. Also, family and friends give insight into the real person behind the smiley faces.

List of Relationship Goals – to Do or Not to Do?

So, your relationship is seeing the light at the end of a long tunnel. That's great news. The even greater news is setting achievable, measurable, and sound goals. Relationship goals worth pursuing include:

Financial planning

While you may have planned short-term budgets in the early days of your relationship, long-term investments are key for the long term. Here, a couple must plan for mortgages, car payments, and tuition for kids, if any. Couples are quick to plan for pets and vacations but forget financial planning.

Children and family

You have passed the honeymoon stage or stages. It is time to sit and make plans for the future, which does not simply include a budget. Here, couples need to plan for children in terms of numbers and how far apart they will be, perhaps accounting for a new home and lifestyle changes. It is important to be on the same page or face a struggling relationship.


Before we jump the gun on children, mortgages, and other lifelong plans, are we married? If not, it is important to seal the day matrimonially. Take time to visit a church and plan accordingly, as marriage and weddings are not cheap, nor should they be taken lightly. Plan the nitty-gritty to the t. accounting for factors like DJ or Band, garden or church, and so forth.

Open communication.

As you plan for the future, also plan individually to open up moving forward. Most couples leave stuff unsaid at the beginning of relationships for a good reason. However, once you are in it for the long haul, opening communication channels is crucial.

The smallest thing uncommunicated leads to the biggest fight ever as a couple.

Take this as sound advice moving forward. Even like-minded people have qualms and fights over petty things, which now become huge problems. Having an approach to counseling and this help can come from a pastor, family, friends, or peers.

Help with Housework

Moving forward, it takes two to tango. Make time to help each other with house chores, from washing dishes to doing laundry. Your partner may not always have time to throw clothes in the washer. Plus, it does not have to be one's chore over another, and showing that gender biases are not welcome in the home is a plus for any couple.

Respect personal space

This seems awkward at first, but respecting personal space is important, even during marriage. Being hitched doesn't mean your space is theirs at all times. There may be more times requiring personal space than vice versa. Knowing when to avoid invading personal space is important because it is time spent planning how to treat one's spouse better.

Support work-wise

Imagine having to do a presentation, being bored and frustrated with the idea, then having your hubby or wife help out? It is cute, loving, and extremely helpful because they know you best. So, take time to jump in and support your partner whenever possible. It is a bonding opportunity. This list of cute relationship goals should point you in the proper, long-term direction.

Relationship Goals Conversation – How to Go About It

You have prepared yourselves financially and emotionally for the long run, and now it is time to have heavy conversations. These talks, centering on relationship goals, can be terrifying. There is a need to have relationship goals ideas first before proceeding to lay them down.

  • When preparing for this much-dreaded conversation, or talks, it is important to jot down your ideas. Likeminded people boast similar interests. Thus, talks should go smoothly. Not writing them down makes them difficult to remember.

  • These conversations should be carried out in sober settings. It means you and your partner should not make plans while intoxicated. Nothing good comes from alcohol-induced conversations. Be sure to carry out this task in the comfort of your bedroom or during breakfast. Either way, they should take place in sober settings.

  • The parties should be on the same page, quite literally. If only one spouse feels a need to discuss relationship goals, the other may be hard-pressed finding common ground. Planning for children and finances is important at the onset. If your partner isn't interested, it is time to revisit the union.

  • The greatest advice given to any couple is financial guidance. Financial strain breaks couples apart quickly. Couples end up conflicted when one partner misuses funds occur. Before getting into such financial squabbles, discuss what might change when you become one in marriage. It may not be what your partner wants, nor what they expected.

True Relationship Goals

An example of a true relationship goal is setting precedence in meeting the needs of both families. To expound on this, it means finding time for paternal and maternal folks, especially in African and Asian families. Couples from these nations are taught earlier that the father's side of the family is important. It is a true relationship goal to present new customs catering to the needs of both sides of the family.

Successful Relationship Goals

To have successful relationship goals requires parties to be in unison. For example, like-minded couples should have the same ideals, notions, and ideas moving forward, at least in theory. In practice, things may differ slightly, but successful goals must have parties in harmony. If one partner goes south, their partner cannot go north.

Working in harmony creates successful relationship goals, but equally important is creating realistic goals. These goals deal with sensible objectives. For instance, disputes over buying a Mercedes instead of a Toyota are common when one partner is not in sync with long-term goals. This almost always leads to discontent and a revisiting of objectives outlined in the past.

Therefore, relationship goals conversations should be carried out when the union is still young, if possible before moving in together and definitely before marriage. When breaking the ice is less awkward, make the healthy conversation around financial and career goals. It won't take much to realize your potential future hubby does not plan to give up his car customization hobbies. Thus, you will have insight into the future, which may not look as bright after all after such revelations.

Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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