How to Know That You Love Someone

Is There a Short Answer About Love?

Love is one of the mysteries of life, but an emotional connection with someone could be a sign of love. People experience loving someone in different ways, and with a mix of emotions flooding through the body, it can prove challenging to understand what they really mean. Love can leave you feeling jealous, it can leave you with a strange sensation in your stomach, and it can leave you feeling all mushy about someone – so many things, yet which one is definitive?

Love can prove extremely complex, and some feelings are mistaken for it, while other signs are ignored, which means the best moment in their life passes some people by. Finding love can be achieved through online dating or by stumbling upon your destiny on the street, but there is no quick fix or quick solution to finding love. It’s a natural phenomenon that happens without any influence, which means we cannot control those feelings. If you love someone, you’ll experience a whole range of feelings, and these could be a sign of love. However, there’s a significant difference between like vs love, and that means that you could mistake like for love.

Liking someone means you enjoy being around them, but when you’re apart, you don’t feel the urge to be with them, or, if you met with online dating, only text them details about potential dates. In contrast, love leaves you craving the emotional and physical connection of being around someone, and that’s where the difference lies. This romantic one is more about wanting and needing a connection with a longing to describe “what I love about you” to your partner. That craving for passion and intimacy could indicate you’re in love with someone. However, mistakes can be made, and what’s been thought of as true romance turns out to be a platonic crush, or when a partner you recognized and loved from your conversations at a dating website turns out someone else.

Signals That You Are in Love

Signals That You Are in Love

After meeting someone and building a relationship with them, you’re probably feeling a whole array of emotions. Those feelings shooting around your body are strange and different, but they could be signs of love. Are you asking yourself, “am I in love?”. Are you wondering whether you should make the next move? These love signs below are a clear indicator that it could be developing before you.

You’re Willing to Try New Things

Many people find themselves unable to avoid trying new things when it comes to new feelings. Under normal circumstances, you’re happy plodding through life doing the same old things. Once someone comes along who leaves you feeling adventurous, then you could be in love. With love comes a whole new level of creativity, making us more adventurous because we want to prove to the other person that we’re willing to spread our wings.

You Become Keen to Find Out More About Them

Friendship is simple. You know friends, and you know enough about them, but that’s where things stop. With love, you’re eager to delve into their lives and their actions to learn more. From gestures to words and what they get up to, we’re eager to keep track of their movements and almost force our way into their life. This isn’t something that happens when we meet someone for the first time. It’s something that grows over time. On the flip side, if someone starts asking deeper questions, then it’s a sign that they’re falling in love with you.

You Feel Empathy

With love comes an emotional connection that leads to an increase in empathy. You’ll suddenly begin sharing their emotions which means becoming sad with them or feeling happy when they’re happy. Empathy is a key contributor to the meaning of love because once you begin aligning yourself with your partner’s feelings, it’s a clear indicator that you are in love.

You’re Desperate to Spend Time with Them

When we love someone, we simply cannot bear to be apart. Time apart leaves us feeling empty, lost, and even jealous. Essentially, you’re craving their attention, you need their touch and embrace, and even their presence leaves you feeling warm inside. Those happy feelings will leave you searching for any reason to spend time with them. Whether that’s new experiences, dates, or simply turning up at their workplace, if the opportunity arises to spend time with them, you grab it with both hands.

Your Priorities Change

You once loved spending time with friends or focused on progressing your career, but things have changed. With new partner on the scene, you’ve cast your priorities aside, leaving you wanting their touch and presence more and more. These feelings don’t last forever because things eventually calm down, but once you begin rearranging priorities, you’ll instantly tell that you love someone.

What is Platonic Love, and Why is it Important?

What is Platonic Love

Platonic love might seem like an alien term for many people. Many people see love as being romantic and sexual, but platonic love is different. Platonic or spiritual connection is no longer about intimacy and romance, it’s a love that comes from anywhere, but it’s mainly used to describe extremely deep friendships.

With platonic love, there’s no deep questioning about “do I love him?” because things are simple. Meeting people using a dating website doesn’t always lead to love. It can also lead to relationships based around fondness and a genuine interest in another person, feelings that are mutually shared between two people.

Platonic Love - Why Do You Need it?

Platonic love isn’t about focusing on how to make a person like you. It’s about having a relationship or bond that’s similar to a friendship. The connection might be stronger but connecting with someone platonically comes with a number of positive benefits.

They’re Easy and Comfortable

When you love someone platonically, you’ll find yourself in a relationship that’s simple and easy. Everything flows seamlessly, keeping the relationship open and true because you’re both comfortable around each other and sharing information. You can be true to yourself and feel comfortable around someone who is also being true to themselves. Unlike romantic relationships, there’s no jealousy, just a laid-back relationship that seems to work.

The Pressure is Off

With a romantic relationship, it’s common to feel pressured into following the traditional relationship journey. As we know, this can include getting married, having children, and being intimate, but this isn’t the case with platonic love because there is no pressure; you’re almost friends – but more.

There Are No Expectations

Standard relationships come with a heap of expectations, and that can cause problems. Sexual relationships often come with obligations such as intimacy and ensuring the relationship is moving in the right direction. A platonic relationship kicks all of these into touch because they won’t matter. There is no aim or finish line because everything moves naturally.

How to Recognise Romantic Love

How to Recognise Romantic Love

Romantic love is classic one, as most people know it. It’s an attraction that becomes physical and intimate. If someone is in love with you, they’ll be unable to keep their hands off you. They’re always looking for that moment to capture a kiss or find a moment to enjoy the time between the sheets. It’s a hot-blooded relationship that takes things to a whole new level.

It’s About Obsession

Once you find your partner and your connection becomes romantic, you’ll find yourself obsessed with your partner. Their every breath, their every touch, and every glance will leave you craving them and wanting to pounce on them. You find yourself thinking about them at any given moment, and when you’re together, you find them irresistible.

You Crave Intimacy

You’ll find yourself completely attracted to their appearance, their personality, and their passion, leaving you wanting intimacy at the drop of a hat. Whether it’s making a coffee in the morning or getting home after a long day in the office, you’re always ready to find time for them because it leaves you feeling complete.

You’re Attached to Them

Unlike platonic relationships, romantic relationships are something that leaves you feeling physically attached to someone. Everywhere they go, you’re eager to be there. When you’re apart, you’re checking your phone for a message. That physical and emotional attachment is something that you struggle to ignore because your partner is always on your mind. From the moment you find a date and let your relationship grow, you’ll recognize romantic love.

How to Know What Type of Love You Want

How to Know What Type of Love You Want

Love takes many different forms. There’s romantic love and platonic love, but understanding what you want can come with challenges. After all, it’s much like dating and when you meet people because you’re never going to know what you’re going to get. You might have a specific type and search for them, only to find yourself dating someone outside of your usual type.

Some might say that how we pursue romance is out of our control. We never truly understand who we’re going to meet and how they’ll make us feel. When dating online, you’ll meet thousands of people, but every single person you connect with leaves you feeling a range of emotions. Some might feel more like friendship, while others might feel deeper but not actually become love. This natural process is out of our control, but understanding whether you’re looking for platonic love or romantic love is about making up your mind.

Decide What You Really Want

Are you someone who isn’t keen on getting married or having children? Are you someone who believes that intimacy is an integral part of a relationship? Whatever you believe, understanding how relationships evolve based on expectations is vital to understanding the difference between a platonic crush and a serious relationship.

Let Things Flow Naturally

Sometimes, romantic feelings appear without warning. You’re looking for platonic connection when romantic comes along, or you might be seeking romantic when platonic knocks on your door. The key thing to remember here is that love sometimes has to be nurtured and respected. This national process is often out of your control, so believing in what you want might not be what you get! How we love is something that we can only determine when we meet people and get to know them.

Manage Your Expectations

Deciding on the type of love you want is more about managing expectations. Don’t put yourself in a box and never allow yourself to stray out of it. Give yourself a chance to manage your expectations and enjoy the experience of falling for your partner. Eventually, the type of love you want will happen, but you have to let it happen.

What to Do if the Other Person’s Feelings Are Not Mutual

What to Do if the Other Person’s

Loving someone can hurt, so it’s important to remember that not every relationship is a fairytale. When you first meet, that burning desire and passion can overwhelm you and leave you wanting more. The other person might show signs of loving you when they simply disappear. Life has a habit of throwing us curveballs, and it’s important to remember that.

Take Things Slow

If your relationship is solid, love might take time. While someone might tell you they don’t love you, it doesn’t mean that they won’t. Therefore, take your time and allow things to evolve and grow. They might be exploring how to express love or working out why you love someone. They’ve got feelings but don’t take their word for it because things take time.

Accept it and Move On

Sometimes, romance just doesn’t happen. Loving relationships can fizzle out and eventually become nothing, so you need to know how to get over someone. It’s important to remember that love isn’t ever-lasting. Sure, some relationships stand the test of time, but many fail and end. Therefore, remember that a failed relationship isn’t the end because there are many more people out there who are looking to meet you.

Having feelings can prove frustrating, fierce, amazing, and thrilling. However, recognizing it can prove challenging because of the way it makes you feel. Understanding these emotions will ensure you make better choices while recognizing the different types will help you traverse the detailed world of relationships. Get everything lined up, and you can take positive dating to the next level.

Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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