Does Online Dating Work for Men?

Dating in this generation can be difficult because of the rise and role that society now plays in this era. Every form of communication that would usually take place face to face is now being replaced by electronic communication that usually takes place via social media.

With emphasis being placed more on the outer appearance than on someone's inner aspects, it can be difficult to date especially if you are a man trying to make it in a world that is dominated by filters designed to make something appear very different from what it actually is.

In the world of swiping right or left, more men find themselves being turned down and unlucky in the area of finding romance and love!

Does Online Dating Work for Men?

What's Online Dating Like for Men

Essentially online dating is like one huge pissing match. It has become a battle of who looks better, whose taller, whose bio is the best all in the hopes of attracting one lucky lady.

For men, they understand that whichever picture they choose to make their avatar could be the point that either makes or breaks women wanting to get to know them more. To date online for a man you must be confident because there are plenty of people that may have an opinion or assume they know you based on your dating profile.

In other words, men can find dating online not only difficult but also like a huge punch to their ego and self-esteem.

How to Get a Response When Online Dating

There are a few tips that we can give you to increase the chances of getting a response when you are on a dating website. The first is to start by finding a creative way to say hello to the person whose attention you are trying to gain.

Now mind you, we said creative, we did not say some creepy pickup line, not women find pickup lines cheesy and off-putting. The next thing that you can do is find a common interest based on the things that you see on their profile.

Perhaps you both share a love of the outdoors then you could open the conversation with a question about that interest. After you've gotten their attention, get directly to the point and suggest going on a date versus continuing to talk online.

The best conversations are had in person where you can get the full effect of human emotions.

Online Dating Success Rate

The dating success rate when it comes to online dating may be shocking to some as more than 50% of adults are in fact single. And more than 75% of the couples that meet online had no prior knowledge of each other before meeting.

52.4% of men state that they use dating applications while women make up only 47.6% of dating application users. Statistically, the number of successful relationships that began online is very impressive. While more people find their perfect match through a family member or friend, the internet has made dating a lot easier.

Do Dating Sites Work

The argument of whether a dating site works or not depends on what you are using the site for. If you are looking for a successful relationship then your chances of finding that on a dating app may be little to none.

The majority of the applications out there are being used by people that are only looking for a one night stand. You’re likely to find more people that are looking to hookup versus wanting a solid relationship.

Only 9% of women claim to find long term relationships on apps while men only weigh in at 2%. 48% of relationships that begin on the internet also end there.

Risks of Online Dating

Some people may end up finding love on the internet, but you should be aware that not everyone that uses the dating apps means well. There are a number of risks that you take when you choose to use a dating app.

The first risk you run is being scammed or catfished by someone who claims to be one person but is someone entirely different. Sometimes these scammers take money and valuable time from the people that they are engaging in conversation with. Giving you a false sense of a relationship.

Another risk you take unfortunately is the risk of being assaulted, injured, and even killed. Think about it 16,000 abductions and more than 100’s of murders occur every year due to online preparation.

Another risk that is assumed when online dating is the one that the person you’re talking to is already in a relationship. Most people that venture on to online dating applications do so under false pretenses.

Meeting women can be hard because let's face it women and men have become extremely superficial. It's all about what you see on the outside first and then from there, you will determine whether or not someone is worth your time.

Meeting women is also difficult because women expect men to be 6’0’ models with gorgeous hair, beautiful eyes, and an even better body. In other words, the expectations that women have of their dream men are entirely unrealistic.

Another reason it is difficult is because women have so many choices especially when it comes to dating applications. With the abundance of apps, it means there is an abundance of different men to choose from.

But, all the blame can't be placed on women some of it falls on men too. You may not be meeting women because of your overusing dating apps and relying solely on them to find the women of your dreams.

Try putting the cellphone down and interacting with women that are around you. You may find that they appreciate the face to face interaction a lot more than you would've thought.

Bottom Line

We understand dating can be difficult and scary to do, but you will never know what awaits you when it comes to love if you never take the plunge. Be smart about your use of dating applications.

And know that the best way to date, in the end, is to simply look for the people who like things you like. You'll be surprised by the people you can meet online when you completely know what you want.

Author: Jennifer Lorusso
Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.
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